United We Plan. My Five Favorite Event Designers

“I am committed to improving the condition of Black women worldwide because I am a woman, because I am Black, but, most importantly, because I genuinely care.” Moana Luu, Chief Content and Creative Officer, ESSENCE

I echo these exact sentiments. In this time of racial unrest, violent uprisings, and a worldwide pandemic, I want to hold space for your grief, my own sorrow – the pain we collectively share as a community. And now more than ever, I am committed to promoting and celebrating Black women and the businesses they fearlessly lead.

I have selected a few of my favorite planners and designers of color that inspire and motivate me on a regular basis. These women are my mentors (in my head); I follow them on social media, listen to the podcasts, read the articles and have taken some of their courses. They have built mighty empires, and most of them started out just like the rest of us—with nothing more than passion and a vision. In doing their work and paving the way for burgeoning planners of color like myself, they are activists.

Karleen Roy

Karleen is known for her impeccable ability to curate bespoke experiences like no other. Karleen’s knack for innovation has al