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Huge thank you to Therese for bringing my vision to life! This day was like a dream!


When I think of Thérèse Nicole, a few words come to mind: Wow! Impressive! Breath-taking! These are just a few of the thoughts that were running through my head as I entered my beautiful bridal shower. Thérèse and her team truly went above and beyond. Every detail was carefully planned and executed. From the personal touch of our pictures and initials on every table, to the fabulous décor and color scheme- everything came together so well. I even overheard one of my co-workers saying, “This is the nicest shower I’ve ever been too!” 

It was wonderful to see the tea party theme that we discussed come alive, and it was really present everywhere you turned. They didn’t stop at the tables, even the shrubbery was decorated with flowers, mason jars, balloons, pearls; you name it! There was also a hint of shabby chic with some antique furnishings and old-fashioned teakettles. I’m talking above and BEYOND! Thérèse really took my vision to the next level and I would recommend her to anyone I know looking to plan an event! 

When looking for a company to assist in these special moments, it’s important to find someone that genuinely cares and hears you. I found that with Thérèse Nicole. They were thorough, open and always attentive. Fabulous and professional! 

Every event I have used Therese and her team for has been excellent! She really helped bring my vision for a graduation party to life and I am forever grateful for her support during that time!

[Thérèse Nicole, designed and decorated the venue for my 30th birthday and delivered BEYOND my expectorations. She was attentive, patient, creative, and full of enthusiasm. There’s no doubt in my mind that she loves seeing her clients happy and 100% satisfied. Until this day people are still raving about how amazing of a party I had. THANK YOU for making my 30th birthday party a moment I will never forget!!

I had only had to explain what I wanted for my wedding and everything was coordinated with excellence! Persons who viewed or were at the kept saying how wonderful and beautiful everything was. Great job Therese and team!!! Thanks for making our best day a momentous occasion.

Where do I even start! Thérèse Nicole,  has now helped me with two celebratory events that signified two life pivoting moments. My graduation party from nursing school and my 30th birthday party. In both instances I was sooooooooo relieved to have them take care of the details so I could focus on actually celebrating myself. The events we absolutely beautiful and extremely well thought out. They transformed the event space. EVERY detail of the party or event had me in mind and the essence of who I am. (For example: after nursing school I planned to do a medical mission out of the US. So a small section of the party was created so my friends and family could write letters for me to read during my time away. ) LIKE isn’t that so thoughtful!!!!!!!! I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for the quality, professionalism and beauty of their work. Thank you just is not enough. Absolutely the best. I am a customer for LIFE. Wedding, baby showers, etc. I will book them without hesitation.

In January 2019, I had the opportunity to work with Thérèse Nicole. I was celebrating my 30th birthday and it had to be in style. Being an event planner already for work for corporate events my expectation was already pretty high. Therese and her team surpassed my expectations! Her timing, feedback and vendor sourcing was impeccable. I’ve already told her and the team if anything else comes up I’m hiring them! If you are looking for someone passionate about their craft, good customer service skills and willing to make sure your event leaves your attendees speechless... hire her! She loves what she does and it clearly comes off in everything she does.

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