From Planning to Pushing: Meet Baby Micah

It was early Christmas morning when an at-home pregnancy test confirmed what I had already suspected. What a timely and beautiful gift. I could hardly contain my excitement while with friends and family, but I did my best to keep it under wraps until we were a few weeks in. I couldn’t help but dream about what pregnancy and motherhood would be like – protecting and nurturing this new life! And as a planner and a first-time mom, I was undeniably excited about the “projects” that come with such a major life event: decorating our baby’s nursery, designing the baby shower. Unfortunately, I was plagued with low energy and a lack of motivation for much of my pregnancy (any new mommies relate?!), but I was able to make the most of the times I did feel inspired with the best circle of sisters who took care of the difficult tasks for me.

This community has been such an integral part of each big life step of mine, and I just had to share this one too!

Decorating the Nursery It took some time for me to determine the feel of the nursery. For the life of me, I just could not decide! I did know, though, that I wanted to go the traditional route. The rest of my home has a neutral/gray palette— so I figured I’d keep with that color scheme. In the end, we decided to go with an animal-inspired nursery with gray, navy blue and gold accents.