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Day of Coordination: Family vs. Professional Coordinator

Hey guys! We often are asked: Is it necessary to hire a day of coordinator to run an event, or should I ask someone in my family to coordinate? Family vs. Professional Coordinator? And the answer really depends on several factors. Here, we have listed a few reasons why hiring a coordinator may be helpful for your next big event.

What does a day of coordinator do exactly? A day of coordinator ensures your event runs smoothly from setup to breakdown and all the activities in between. Planning can get the most stressful 30 days prior to the event. This is the time when there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied. This is when having a coordinator can be very helpful. Professional coordinators also have knowledge of typical event schedules and have working relationships with vendors. You can hand over your plans and contacts and just relax before and after your event. You can enjoy the experience you worked so hard to put together, worry-free because someone else is taking care of the stressful logistics.

What types of events would be helpful to have a coordinator? Any type of event that has a lot of guests (>50 people) and multiple activities and/or vendor rentals is ideal for having a day of coordinator. These types of events are likely weddings, showers, and kids birthday parties. For example, you have planned your wedding’s decor, picked the perfect venue and organized the guest list but are unsure of how your wedding should flow and don’t want to setup or breakdown. A professional planner can arrive early and greet vendors who are setting up while you are getting ready. They can maintain the pace of your wedding to ensure you do all the activities you desired like bridal photos, cutting the cake and throwing the boutique. There is nothing worse than missing out on meaningful aspects of your event because you ran out of time. They can also help with breakdown and coordinate the clean-up crew to make sure your venue is returned to its original condition.

So then, why can’t family and friends do that? Your family and friends are also very helpful in that they probably know you really well and will try to execute your wishes as best as possible. However, coordinating any event can be stressful and less enjoyable for friends and family who don’t have the experience. Your friends and family are also guests of your event and want to enjoy the event as well. From personal experience, there have been times when a family member is late to the venue for setup because they are trying to get themselves ready for the event or were mingling with guests and enjoying themselves so much that they forget to cue the next activity of the night. Professional coordinators are not guests, so their primary focus is ensuring the event runs smoothly and are less interested in participating in the event.

These are just a few personal tips that highlight our reasons for hiring a professional coordinator. Keep these tips in mind when planning your next event.

Family vs. Professional Coordinator



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