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As an interim member of the Therese Nicole, LLC team, I have quickly settled into my weekly Monday evening routine. Clock out. Dinner. Therapy. Staff Meeting. Albeit busy, I have always taken comfort in knowing that there are a few constants in a Therese Nicole staff meeting: clarity on the next event, a few hearty laughs, and…intention-setting. Depending on the event calendar, meetings can last up to 90 minutes, after which Therese will set the agenda down and say, “you have the floor, Shamara.” Shamara, the member I would describe as the ‘energizing driver,’pulls out a familiar book – one we see every week – and reads aloud an encouraging excerpt. 

Create Circumstances. Be Yourself. Alignment. The title of each passage is increasingly relevant in a time where much is uncertain. Below, each team member shares their thoughts on the most recent tittle, Alignment, and how it relates their life.


To be in alignment is to allow yourself to believe that whatever you want is actually possible. To have faith in what you may not yet be able to visualize. To speak as if whatever you hope for already exists. To live in a way that invites your dream to thrive. If you want love, be love; invite it in by offering it to others. If you seek joy, be joy; act in a way that is joyful, and allow others to experience it alongside you. Be what you hope for; allow whatever is on the inside to be how you live on the outside. This is true alignment. 

Therese - 

Every day, I tell myself, “With God, I am capable of anything that I put my mind to; sky is the limit!” I do not allow myself to wallow in fear or self-doubt because our thoughts are so powerful; and what you feed will grow! I believe in attracting and manifesting the things you want in life. If you are looking for an opportunity to come your way, you should start from within. I continue to pray that God will do amazing things for me personally, spiritually, and professionally! Shamara –

I have always had a passion for events! However, prior to working for Therese, I was only doing government events. Who would have thought that something written on my vision board would later turn into a divine connection alignment?!? I knew that I wanted to be a well-rounded planner and my hope was that a connection would happen. I’ve always been a fan of speaking things into existence - when I ran into this scripture, I knew it was just for me. “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” - Luke 1:45

Breanna - 

Alignment: the synergy of life. Alignment is attunement to your own wants, needs and desires. Alignment is being aware and in agreement with God’s plan for your life.

Shaloma (me) – 

What this reading made me see, was that alignment and faith walk hand-in-hand. I did not always see it like that. It’s often tempting to hustle our way to our goals. Alignment, defined here, invites me to simply believe that my wildest dreams are possible. Make my vision plain, begin to embody it, and then watch it unfold and manifest.

April – 

At the start of every year, I choose a single word (or it chooses me) as the theme for my prayers, my thoughts, my actions, etc. The word I claimed for 2020 was: Alignment. I had planned for and wanted so many new exciting things to take place this year, yet I was completely uncertain on how to go about obtaining  these things or achieving these goals (especially after the pandemic derailed everything)... so I prayed for alignment. I prayed that the Lord would help place the right things in my path, the right thoughts in my mind, the right feelings in my heart, the right timing in my steps. And even if there wasn’t any instant gratification, at least I am aligned with what I am supposed to be doing, or with what I need in order to grow. And though this year has been nothing short of memorable milestones (not necessarily the greatest), I refused to accept that all was lost. I refused to ignore even the tiniest glimmer of hope in the distance. And yes, my steps toward my goals albeit have been relatively small, they are still aligned. So, when Shamara began to read the quote of the evening entitled: “Alignment”, I damn-near fell out of my chair as the Earth practically shifted underneath me. I felt it was a reminder from God, that I am still on the right path

As you can tell, this resonated with us all. What are your thoughts on Alignment? Do you have another interpretation?

Shaloma Logan, Interim Event Specialist

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