As an interim member of the Therese Nicole, LLC team, I have quickly settled into my weekly Monday evening routine. Clock out. Dinner. Therapy. Staff Meeting. Albeit busy, I have always taken comfort in knowing that there are a few constants in a Therese Nicole staff meeting: clarity on the next event, a few hearty laughs, and…intention-setting. Depending on the event calendar, meetings can last up to 90 minutes, after which Therese will set the agenda down and say, “you have the floor, Shamara.” Shamara, the member I would describe as the ‘energizing driver,’pulls out a familiar book – one we see every week – and reads aloud an encouraging excerpt. 

Create Circumstances. Be Yourself. Alignment. The title of each passage is increasingly relevant in a time where much is uncertain. Below, each team member shares their thoughts on the most recent tittle, Alignment, and how it relates their life.


To be in alignment is to allow yourself to believe that whatever you want is actually possible. To have faith in what you may not yet be able to visualize. To speak as if whatever you hope for already exists. To live in a way that invites your dream to thrive. If you want love, be love; invite it in by offering it to others. If you seek joy, be joy; act in a way that is joyful, and allow others to experience it alongside you. Be what you hope for; allow whatever is on the inside to be how you live on the outside. This is true alignment.